WIP Wednesdays: Brain-Dumping & More


It has been a big writing week for me!

After one of my outlining sessions, I came across a new plot direction that I wasn’t expecting. I can officially say that this book is going to be awesome for me to write, and I can’t wait to begin in NaNoWriMo!

What I’ve Been Working On This Week:

As you read from last week’s update, my goal was to get a larger grip on where I wanted Act 2 to go because I was completely stuck and a little unmotivated to write. I became mind-boggled with how I needed to figure out what direction this story was going, and it seemed I was never going to figure it out.

Nothing seemed to fit, and the direction of the plot felt a little flat.

But, I can successfully say that I now think I have both Acts 2 and 3 figured out! Other than a few plot holes of course.

I completely finished my prep work for Act 1, and it’s now standing at roughly 15 chapter ideas. Act 2 was harder to figure out. But once I took a few days away from the WIP to relax my creativity, I was able to really get a whole new idea for what was coming.

I highly recommend that if you are in a similar situation as me, you should try brain-dumping. Even if it doesn’t follow your current outline! Just take a piece of paper and write every possible direction that your character can end up. Then, compare your dumped results to what you’re working on and see which ideas you like best.

What I really like about this tool was how you don’t have to stick with the original story. You can change it up!

Granted, about 90% of what I wrote down was scrapped, but that one plot twist completely invigorated me. Next thing I knew, I had written over 1,000 words to my story idea document.

To Dos For This Week:

So for next week’s writing goal, I want to fill in any major plot holes for Acts 2 and 3 since I do have a fair amount of it figured out already from this past week. Fingers crossed that I may even get all of Book 1 outlined and ready to go by next Wednesday!!

Overall, I am really excited in where this new plot direction is taking me!

What are you currently working on? If you are a plotter, what outlining tips do you have? Do you like to brain-dump too?

Until next time..

Happy Writing,


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