My World Building Worksheet


Do you have trouble coming up with a solid, new world for your characters?

Well I’m here to help!

As I’ve been running through my outline, I’ve come across a ton of questions when it comes to forming a new world whether it’s separate kingdoms or just the whole continent. And with Preptober finally here, I wanted to share with y’all my World Building Worksheet.

Click for the World Building Worksheet


I use this worksheet to keep all the information in one spot, and I’ve noticed it has helped tremendously in my brainstorming process. I don’t have to scroll through my ENDLESS plot notes to try and locate a specific detail between my three kingdoms, and instead, it’s all ready in one place.

Included is 50 questions to help form a solid fantasy world that is both thorough for your plotting needs and easy to reference when it comes to that first draft.

Feel free to download it, add your own questions, or erase those that don’t apply to your current WIP.

I hope you’ll be able to find a plethora of uses for this worksheet as much as I have!

If you use the worksheet, please let me know your thoughts and comments down below!

What kinds of questions do you ask yourself when world building??

Until next time..

Happy Writing,



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